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C.A.R.S. (Christ is Able to Restore Souls)

C.A.R.S. (Christ is Able to Restore Souls)

C.A.R.S. assists widows, single moms, veterans and others who have transportation needs. For many transportation is the major factor standing in the way of getting a job, finishing education or taking care of a family's basic needs. A broken down vehicle could be the end of a job, and the fragile family support system breaks down from there.

C.A.R.S. provides an auto shop with volunteer mechanics that helps keep these vehicles on the road. By providing these free vehicle services, C.A.R.S. is building a bridge and sharing the love and hope of Jesus with those in need.

For every individual and family we are able to reach with the message of hope and grace, our prayer is that we are fulfilling our mission. Led by David Soliman, the team at C.A.R.S. Ministry is passionate about the work we do, and with a singular focus to uplift the name of Jesus Christ.

Our leadership team comes from different cultural backgrounds, and we are privilege to pool our hearts and energy together to bridge gaps where they exists in our society. We care because we can all make a difference in our small way, irrespective of our resources and limitations.

We are continually building relationships with individual partners, organizations and churches to share in our work to bring the love of Jesus with our brothers and sisters from all walks of life.

Christ is INDEED Able to Restore Souls, and we choose to be His Hands and Feet.